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This project provides windows workflow activities to create WCF services using windows workflow foundation. These activities are similar to the out of the box activities provided by microsoft for ASMX webservice implementation in workflow.
The initial release includes a WCFInput and a WCFOutput activity that have similar functionality as the current ASMX implementation.

The current implementation generates an WCF ServiceContract implementation (using code activity generation) that contains all selected operations from the interfaces selected in your workflow.

Hosting the workflow is nothing more then creating a web application with the workflow configuration same as with the current publish as webservice option for ASMX input/output activities.

Want to get a jump start? Go to the release page and read the step by step guide and see what is supported and how you can start writing WCF services using workflow.

To give an impression on how this looks like in your workflow, look at the screenshot.

Hosting the WCF service only requires you to add the service model configuration.

The contract implementation can be defined and will always be in the form <yourWFTypeName>_wcfContractImpl
Just set a reference to your workflow project and you are done....

You can find the latest information on the progression I make on my blog. So visit for more info.

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